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August 24th, 2008 Well Dustin I went on a date last night LOL with Little Billy and Becca we really did have so much fun and I was so thankful for them getting me out. Little Billy had to bring me home before they went to Mo's he didn't think you would approve me being there at such a late hour.So he is doing very good taking care of your mother. First time I really have talked to Becca and she really is a sweet person. They both love you so much ,as I do. Two of my Angel Moms children having BD's today Dustin Fitzer and Michelle Greever I am sure you were at the party tell them their families miss and love them so .
Well that was my exciting Sat. and I think you would have approved on who I went on my date with.  I love you so much! Mother

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August 21, 2008 , Dustin I have met so many wonderful moms of angels in Heaven as you. And I know you have met the angels of these moms. Each of us pray for each other every day and send hugs to heaven for each of you. I was telling the group today about my Baby Marine. And how several of your buddies have emailed me telling me how you loved your mother and was a mommy's boy and was not afraid for anyone to know. LOL But to see you you would never think but if they knew your heart it was obvious.  You are such a awesome person and I think this year you would have realized just how I saw you. I never could seem to get it through your head but your last BD email you said you thought you finally got it. I know you know now how awesome you are and I am so glad your are Happy and Safe. Just a little of memoery Lane. I love you so much and miss you  every day! Love, Mother

August 12, 2008, Good morning Dustin!  Nothing new or exciting to report just was thinking of you as always. Tabitha had a baby girl last week  and she is a cutie pie. Tyler is going to be the next skateboard champion he said he knows a few tricks and at the skate park he can only go into the bull. Sounds like enough for a 7 yr old to me.  He is memaw baby and such a smart little one so much common sense. He reminds me so of you as I have said I know numerous times. I know you are doing great know I love you and miss you every second of the day! Mother

August 3, 2008, Good EARLY Morning Dustin, I know the heavens are singing and dancing today on the Lords Day. I woke up at 4:30 and why I really do not know alot on my mind I guess. But praying about it and I pray I make the right choice. Was a good week after the A/C got fixed but as you know we do know how to survive.  I don't know how much luck I am going to have with Little Billy taking over that task you started but I love him anyway and he is always there for me when I need him. He makes me laugh and last week I think we had one of those deep visits but was good.
Little Billy has reinforcements to handle me so all is good. I love you and miss you! Mother


July 27, 2008. Another week has past and was a pretty good week hung out with little Billy and Tim and Uncle Jim a couple days and saw Kenny one day .Also been back in contact with Tasha which really meant alot. I am so glad I now understand why the time she was not able to talk to me. So all is good which I know you are happy to know too.
Just beena  busy week in many ways but all is good. I love you! Mother


July 18, 2008 Good Afternoon Dustin, Well it is Friday and has been a very good week. Granny and I went to Brenham to return the boys to Tiff and had his little BD party with me and Granny. 7 Yrs old already. And each day more and more like you. We were all sitting there eating and talking and saying he was getting such a big boy he said But I will still be your baby. And then turned his head away from everyone and whispered I can't beleive I said that. I asked Brett what he said and I was like poor you Tiff your hands will be full with this one. LOL Granny got him a Wii game and lucky Memaw ot to get the Skateboard he had to have but he also got the helmet and pads to go with it. Of course he  knows how to do it already. Yeah Right. Alot morto tell you but will write more later I am trying to get the Doggie Queen Award again today. LOL
Sunday is My friend Sandy Birthday so if you see her please give her a biog hug for me and tell her I love and miss her too!.  Who does this picture remind you of LOL
Love you and miss you, Mother


July 8, 2008, Good Afternoon Baby Boy! A good day it is. Nothing  but smiles this week and feels wonderful! I love and miss you every day which I will for a lifetime but the smiles you bring , will always get me through the day. Tears to at times but  you knew that would be. I know you are where you are suppose to be and happy and I tell myself each and every day this. Not sure if is the pep talk I ask for each day or what but I will continue to repeat it so I can get past all the anger and  doubts I still find going through my heart and mind.   I will find the strneght you think I have and will continue to share my heart with those that need me. So not to worry Mom is doing okay. I love you! Mother


Happy  4th Of July


Tonight as the fireworks light up the sky

I know there will be one light out shining them all

Your smile shining so bright, the glow of your heart

That seems to far away, but feels so near

I will not cry but will smile and tell you I love you

Because I know this light is just for me.

No words I can hear but my heart does feel you

telling me Mother it is okay I am watching over thee.

As I reach to hug you and  tell you  , I love you the light starts to fade and I hear you say, Mother I am here where I am suppose to be.

(by Patti Rawls)



June 27, 2008 Good Morning Dustin  and a sunny day it is here. This week has been so much about you like every day but this one has had alot of thinkng of all the pep talks you have given over the years and so trying to fit them into the feelings of the day. You and Tyler seem to make me smile and I am always bugging Tiff for pictures.  And then I call Tyler to tell him thank you because in some you can tell he was not real thrilled LOL
Your sister will be 28 Sunday which I know you know but wow she is getting old LOL but still my baby girl.
I know I am rambling been doing that alot this week. I love and miss you so very much! Love,Mother


June 22, 2008. Good Morning Dustin and a beautiful day it is here. Another week has passed and was a good one. Thought of you each day as always and as you know a few heart to heart talks. Still waiting on an answer for some but I know you will when the time is right. Sure wish you could come down for a visit have alot of dog baths to do today LOL And of course I would love to see you and give you a hug one more time. But I do that every day in my heart and mind. And would not want you to come back from the joy and happiness you are in. I think we all trying to hurry this life thing up so we can see what you see and feel the love of God first hand.
As usual I will start reminding you Tiff BD next Sunday  the BIG 28 so don't forget to call her. I wrote her a poem from you  and one from me and is on her BD page. One great thing is that I knew your thoughts and how I think you would say things and I remember them like you were standing here. I see it in poems and in just every day communication. And when I get in a funk I remember the little hard core conversations you would give. You left so much i so many ways so we all could get through this life with out you.
I love you and miss you! Love, Mother

June 20, 2008 Good Morning Dustin another week has passed and so busy with the little 4 legged kids.
As you know the house NIGHTMARE is over and really a God's Blessing what a mess from day one and after 13 months still a mess. So as usual a Plan B is needed. I do know that no one should ever think of doing business with Oak Creek Homes in Brookshire Texas.
We have been having afternoon thunderstorms but so dry I guess we needed it.
I have talked to My Tyler a couple times this week and he so makes me laugh. He is getting too big to quick but will always be memaw baby. Tiff so blessed as I was with ya'll.
I guess as usual I best get busy, I love and miss you every day but all is good! Love,Mother


June 12, 2008  Good Morning Dustin, It doesn't seem like a week since I have written you but I guess because I talk to you all the time when need to say something. I have emailed Becca a few times this past week she is having a very difficult time fighting the pain of you and Nate  being in Heaven. So as you do me I think she needs an it is okay talk. But don't have her bump her head like you did me LOL
I have heard  nothing at all from Tasha since November and I am so disappointed in her along with many others. I guess you know the reason she has just turned her back on me and I am okay with it just really thought she  meant more of the things she said when she was here for your funeral. But   as you would say oh well and move on past it.
I have been staying busy with puppies . Learned some more of this man stuff around here like rig up the washing machine so can use it after 2 yrs being here and lit the hot water heater the 1st time ever in my life yesterday. And as you can see didn't even blow the house up LOL Haven't got brave enough for rat patrol again though. I laugh everytime I  hear one. My baby Marine had no rat trapping in boot camp. Nor has your mother and she will not. I hve had enough test to pass this last 2 years and that not going to be another one.
Well I best get in gear I love you and miss you so much! Love, Mother


June 4, 2008   Today is Granny's BD as I am sure you know so give her a hug and let her know your thinking of her.
Also I pray God will comfort Maria and Brian in the weeks to come as there unborn (13 week) little angel God is taking home today. I ask you to be at the  gates when this little one arrives and hold and hug  this precious little one. Let this little angel know  that it was so loved already. Maria is my Editor's sister so I pray for her too  to know what to say and do for her sister at this time. I love you baby boy! Mother

May 31, 2008, Good Morning Dustin another week has past and it sure went by quickly. Tia and Andy are graduating tonight Tiff going to Andy's and Granny to Tia's. And for me as usual waiting on puppies to be born LOL.  Tyler is glad to be out of school and he said he had 42 (E's) and will be going to 2nd grade an Brett to 4th. They both growing up to fast. I know you will take care of both of them and keep them on the right track which in this world we live is a very difficult job for parent's. I know you had a great week and thank you for helping mine to be alot better too. I can truly feel in my heart that your okay and happy and that is such a wonderful feeling.   I love you! Mother


May 23, 2008, Dustin I went to visit you today and know I love you and miss you so very much! I found this poem in remembrance of Memorial Day and made me think of you. You were a soldier for our country, fought for all your friends. Now a soldier of God. You lived life to the fullest and laughed and loved more than anyone I know. I still have tears when I think of you being so far away but I know you are still living, laughing and loving even more than here on earth.  And just a thought away. I love you Baby Boy! Mother



- Amanda Bradley

Peace will come when people live

In friendship, side by side,

And cherish understanding

More than hatred, greed and pride.


Peace will come when people see

All people as the same,

And no one has to live in fear,

In ignorance, or shame.


Peace will come when people

Who are needy can reach out

For shelter, food, or love,

And no has to do without.


Peace will come when people

Learn to listen and to care

About the rights and dignity

Of people everywhere.


Peace will come when love and trust

And kindness know rebirth,

And on that day all people

Will rejoice in peace on earth.


May 15, 2008
Well Tyler taught Nanners his first words. Tiff was hoping he would learn to talk later in life but my Tyler knows all about these puppies. He has the Memaw blood LOL He use to crawl around acting like a puppy when he was little and Tiff said he(Tyler) even knows how to hide his treats LOL I think he got that from her though. LOL So if she just leaves Nanners to Tyler I am sure he will train him right.  She reminded me of you when you got Monster all the questions I told her yesterday when she left if Dustin can do it I know you can.Love you! Mother



May 14, 2008 Well Dustin you have a new little cousin. Natalie had a baby girl as you know. Riley Ann - 18in long 6lbs and 14ozs.  Not sure if I spelled her name right but you know and I am sure Natalie will tell you too.Isn;t she a cutie!Tiff will be here in a bit to pick up Nanners her new little boy (4 legged)LOL.. Love you! Mother


May 9, 2008
Well it is Friday and I have been working all week trying to get the Queen for the Day award but so far all I have received is the Dog Queen or Maid should I say LOL But a good day. I know all is well with you.  I love you! Mother


May 4, 2008 Good Morning Dustin, A beautiful day here today. I was reading my TCF Newsletter this morning. And as you know Mother's Day is next Sunday. So I want to ask in advance for God to shower all moms with the love and peace they need on this day. For all the children including you LOL to smile down on their mom in such a way we all know ya'll are with us. Some moms 1st year some moms many more years but the love and pain is still so in each and everyones heart!
You once said everyone would call you to get the party started so why I am coming to you to get the party started for all moms in which have a child in Heaven. We so need to feel the closeness of our children  even when so far away. I love you so much! Mother

May 2, 2008, Happy Friday another week has past and what a week it was so many different emotions but the only one that I could control was knowing you are safe and happy and not in this world of confusion. I know you know we are still dealing with this house mess and what a mess it is a nightmare all of it's own. How they stay in business is the million dollar question. But I suppose one day it will be complete who really knows. Today is a cloudy day but will be a good day will not dwell on the issues the day has in it because that is a everyday thing lately.  And all beyond your moms stress level. I love you very much! Love,Mother


April 29, 2008 Good Morning Dustin! All is good here today , sun is out and I am smiling too. Tiff emailed and was not having such a good morning tired and not to happy with the world. So you know your mom she never likes either of you to be unhappy. So I sent her this picture. Now she saying I am goofy ,but sent a smiley face so I guess  goofy  is good? LOL I remember all the goofy things I would send you when you were in the Marines to keep you smling. I think the whole base always laughing when you would get a package never knowing what may be in it. Silly String,Slinkies Bolo Bats and Jacks which I think you had to teach some to play LOL I love you and think about you every minute of the day! Love,Mother


April 26,2008
Good Morning Dustin, Another good day, I have met so many wonderful moms this week while reaching out how to cope with Mother's day and all days as for as that goes. Linda , Joey's mom sent an email just now that said we are a NEW NORMAL now. Which will be a  learning experience for me NORMAL is not a word I have really been able to relate to for awhile but to know on this journey I am normal means alot.  It is so easy to think you are loosing your mind some days and wander if anything will ever  be normal again. But the feelings I am having are normal for many that are on this journey along with me.  So that sure is a step in the right direction. I know communicating with these moms have made me smile and alot of memories with out tears this week. Just hug the children of all the  moms I have net and tell then how much they are loved and missed. And a BIG HUG for you too and I love you so much! Mother


April 25, 2008
Good Morning Dustin, I have met so many moms this week and I know you are surrounded  with some really awesome young people. So many, like you were taken to soon. Us moms love to talk about our children and all know this journey is one that will be a long traveled one. But we do smile and laugh and yes tears too but with the memory of our children ,we will always keep moving forward. Many have children here on earth as well as in Heaven and some do not.
I am thankful for the moms that I have met sure help when you have someone that truly can understand the feelings a mom goes through. So baby boy this Boot Camp we are all in we will do our best for you and all the other young people that are so counting on their moms to smile and laugh again.  I love you and miss you so very much! Mother


April 23,2008  Good Morning Dustin! Thought I would sit here and spend time with you this morning instead of just thinking of you. I feel very envious of you ,your life so happy and peaceful and here on earth life for so many in such turmoil. A young man in which I did not know personally but his name is Todd came to be with you yesterday and was only 17. I do so know the pain his mother (Tina) is going through and the painful journey she has just started. She pleaded to God so please do not take my son that I could not go on without him. I do so know that feeling very well. Having Tiff and Tyler got me through feeling that way.
Nelza and I were talking on Monday about Marine Boot Camp and how you always said was a mental thing more than physical.  And this journey I am now on is so testing my mental strength but like you I will get through this but there is no time limit for me,  that I will be able to say wow I got through that and it is now over. But each day I will build strength and peace in my heart.
I really didn't start writing this to be a fireside chat but as many conversations we had over the years it has turned into one.
I love you and miss you! Love,Mother

April 16, 2008 Oh Baby Boy as you know the last couple days have been pretty bad days and I know what you would say and what you want me to do but doing it seems to be the hard part. So I guess time for another knock in the head but if you could do it a little more gentle this time LOL I love and miss you so very much! Mother

April 13, 2008
Good Morning Dustin,  A beautiful day it is,roses are blooming and sun is out. Remember the white birds we often saw and ya'll called the cowboy birds well they are also scattered in the yards in the neighborhood.
Your nephew is so like you.  I called Tyler Friday night and he told me he was coming to see me and granny this weekend. I said are you sure not next weekend.? He said no this weekend. I said well mommy told me next weekend, he said well maybe she told you that last week.. I was telling Nelza  that he so like you and too smart for his britches LOL He is so reasonable in his responses as you were. I do know Tiff and Paul have their hands full. 
Well I guess I best get back to my chores alot of catchup to do as usual but is a very good day. I love you and miss you so very much! Love,Mother


April 10, 2008
Good Morning Dustin,  All is good here and I know you're doing awesome.  There is no doubt in my mind.  I played phone tag with Little Billy yesterday.   Maybe today I will  talk to him.  I have nothing important to tell him,  just a hello and how are you?  I love you!

April 7th, 2008  Hello, Dustin  Nothing really to say, I was just thinking about you and wanted to say hello.  I talked to Gloria a bit ago and she says she thinks and talks to you all the time. I told her how proud I was of Little Billy for changing my tire. I really had called to talk to him.  I was thinking about him today, too, but he is away until tomorrow. It is Chad's BD and they are in Galveston.  I know you're right in the middle of them and those Girls in their Bikini's LOL. I'm not so sure if the sun is shining though.  It is cloudy here today. But I am sure all are having a great time, sun or not.  I was just checking in.  I know you're okay and smiling down upon us all!  Love you so very much! Mother


April 5th, 2008  Good Morning Dustin, I was just thinking about you and the Blue Care Bear for some reason this morning. And how My Baby Marine wanted one for Christmas and of course I did send it. You never knew what your mom would stick into those pkgs. LOL I just recently was drawn to a mom that lost her little Girl Sara and was a little over a year old and she loved the carebear too. I always know it is a God send when I am drawn to these moms because always some little something we have in common other than the lost of a child.
How is my friend Sandy doing, I really miss her be sure to let her know and give her a hug for me. SO many changes this year to adjust too but I do know God is in control and I have to hang onto that. I do not understand but I am about to the point I do not question anymore which  has been a real struggle. Still trying to get past alot of the anger and as far as being a cry baby that will be a life time. Many of the tears are thoughts of happy times which you know I cried about those all the time anyway. I remember when you were in the Marines and went to the Super Bowl which I never watch as you know but I did that year because I knew my baby boy was out there some where and just cried and your granny did too. So the emotional person you were you did come by naturally really had no choice LOL I love you baby boy! Mother

April 2, 2008 , Good Morning Dustin I guess you saw what I did yesterday ,new puppies.  Callie a first time mom but did very well. I told Tiff I am going to have permanent dark circles at my young age with all these late nights I am keeping LOL  Isn't it great Tyler won his first game 1-11. Next game is Thursday. So you know I will be here cheering for him. Baywatches little boy played Sat. too he is such a cutie and her little girl was a cheerleder too cute. Reminds me of when you played football and Tiff was a cheerleader. 
Time for me to go do outside doggie duty! I love you and miss you so much just keep watching over all of us and know we all love you so much! Love you! Mother


April 1, 2008, I was sitting here trying to think of something cute to say for April Fools but everything I could think of you would know was a joke before I completed writing it LOL  So no joke from me today just Good Morning and I love you!  Mother

March 30th, 2008 , Good Morning Dustin!  I was sitting here drinking the morning coffee and thought I would just say hello. My thoughts being hearing you singing to me like you did so often when you would call. That and your smile go through my head daily.
This week has been a good week different but good LOL I so wished I would have had a camera and could have taken a picture of Little Billy changing my tire for me. I know you were watching but it was like a KODAK moment to share. He is such a sweetheart. I am a little ashamed how I had to shut  him out for awhile but was a difficult time for me and I had to handle the only way I knew how. But all is good we did talk about it and he still My Little Billy LOL As I have told him Billy Ray just doesn't flow out of the mouth as it does for everyone else so he stuck with Little Billy for me and granny. And  Big Billy as I told you has graduated to Handsome Billy LOL Little Billy misses you so much as I do and loves you like no other.  We are going to have a picture date soon and also he wants to take me out with the boys LOL That should be a treat I told him I am booked until May and he kinda looked at me funny I laughed and said with puppies being due.  Remember the time you said his Pug got the Maltese well it happened again but Dustin I saw the cutest little puppy when I was in PetsMart on Wed. and of course you know I had to talk to her. And she was a Maltese and Pug mix and the cutest little thing you have ever saw. I know me and the dog fever. I think I am the only one in the family that has it now even Uncle Hungry is cured.   And you know granny never had it LOL  Well this is turning into a novel and my editor may charge extra so I will hush for now. I love you! Mother


March 28th, 2008, Hey Dustin time for a little Angel in the out field. Tyler's first game is tomorrow and he is afraid he will not be able to catch the balls. His team name is the Yankees.Tiff said they just put him on 1st base. I told him I knew he would do great and he has been playing ball since he could barely sit up. He did remember some of the many times he and I played some kind of ball.  So tomorrow watch over My Tyler and encourage him as he plays. Just help him focus on the ball and the glove so he will be able to catch them. I know 1st base a tough spot to be in so just hang out with him tomorrow I think Tiff said 1:30 game starts. Love you! Mother

March 27,2008  Dustin the most amazing thing happened today so hope your sitting down LOL  I had a flat earlier today on I-10 and Mason well of course a work day for Uncle Hungry, You a little far away to call and I have no clue how to change one so I called Little Billy,  while I was talking to him a young man pulled up about ya'll's age and offered to help so I was talking to Little Billy and told him Thank you I think I am okay now. Well I had one of those baby tires and the guy put it one and of course I am crying because something I would have called you to help with. He was very nice and I hugged his neck and drove away. Well I get maybe a half a mile and then here we go again and I am crying like a baby and called Little Billy back.again. And Yes believe it or not ,Chad as my witness Little Billy handled it all. From taking me to get a tire to yes he got his hands dirty jacked the car up and I mean crank style and put the new tire on. I told him I was so proud and I know you were too. He was truly a blessing for me.  I did stop the cry baby and we talked and laughed about things ya'll did and stuff so truly was a great day.  Little Billy truly saved the day dirty hands and all and laughed and lived to tell about it isn't that awesome! 
He knows I am writing this because I told him I could not wait to get home to write and tell you the amazing thing that happened today. LOL All kidding a side I was very grateful.
Love you baby boy! Mother


March 23rd, 2008  Happy Easter Baby Boy! I know you can see the bunny has been hard at work this morning and see all the pretty colored eggs and children smiling. You know I told the Easter Bunny to pay you a visit too especially for me. The flowers all beginning to bloom and the beauty of a new season has begun.  I know today will be a wonderful day for you! I love you and miss you! Mother

March 22rd, 2008, Good Morning Dustin, Another pretty day today. I went yesterday afternoon and hung out with Little Billy and some of the boys LOL really had a nice time alot of stories and laughs so was good for both of us. I was the first time I was able to go see Little Billy in awhile, but yesterday I felt I needed to.They all said they are going to win the Basketball tournament on the 30th so should be an exciting game. I hope they all just have a good time and  I know you will be right in the middle of it all.
Little Billy asked me what was one thing I missed about you not being here the most and I told him all the times you called singing to me. He like me has his good days and bad days but we both trying to get alot more good as time goes on.
I talked to Tyler a bit last night he had been at his Aunt Robin's for Spring break. He such a sweetheart and getting so big.
I love you baby boy and miss you every second of the day! Mother

March 21, 2008, Good Morning Dustin, A good day it is. I got 12 hours sleep YEAH for me so will be ready for the next group of babies.  I went out to visit with you today and met 3young girls and a little boy. They were visiting her mom and his grandma. She is about 3 places down from you. As I all wishing a Happy Easter! I hugged thier necks and went on down to visit with you the little boy followed me he is 18 months. He had a basketball candy thing with bubble gum. He wanted to give me but I think he really wanted me to open so he could get to the gum LOL I told him we had to ask mommy first. Of course if would have been Tyler I would have and sorry Tiff LOL But grandma's can do these things. So I told him if my little boy was here I bet he would love to play basketball with you he loved basketball. He was so cute he went on around a bit and saw all the pretty flowers and came back again to visit with me.  He wanted to see the St.Patricks Monkey I had out for you and I let him hold it of course and he handed me the basketball. His mom and her friend then came over and we all talked. Her mom was also killed in a auto accident in 2000. I gave the little boy the light up bow tie off your monkey he ws so cute he was trying to put around his neck. I told him wait until it gets nite nite and  mash the button and it will light up for you. He told me Happy Easter Bunny! Anyway was a nice visit for us all.  I also told him about Tyler and how he loves balls too.  Only one little almost cry baby spell(Yeah for me huh?) but more  a happy memory of you when you were that age and Tyler and how he also loved to play with balls at 18 months. Even though I know Tiff had you playing Barbie at 18 months and I know dressing you up like her little sister, and you would let her.   I love you! Mother


March 20th 2008, Well Dustin it is the 1st day of Spring and I was up to see the sunrise. And Yes had more puppies. 3 boys as I am sure you can see.  I love Spring it reminds me alot of you!  And the Easter Bunny is coming soon. Which you know that is my favorite holiday. This will be short and sweet just like you like them LOL because I am going to bed. But wanted to say Happy Spring before I did. I love you! Mother


In seasons Spring's the best of all

Its wonder seems to shout,

For now's the time all life begins

The greens of earth now sprout. 

We feel the wonder all around

All things begin to grow,

The still of winter's all but gone

Warm breezes start to blow. 

The rains begin to nourish

All buds begin to swell,

The trees now start to flourish

The flowers cast their smell. 

Anticipation starts to mount

We long to feel the heat,

To shed the boots, and bare our toes

Feel sand beneath our feet. 

It's worth it all, the wait I mean

We know there is a reason,

For waiting just around the bend

Is Spring, my favorite season....

~~Copyright Brenda Ehmka~~

Lettes from Mom Jan.-Mar.19th 2008

Letters from Mom 2007

Dustin Marshall Rawls
September 2, 1982 - September 27, 2007
Dustin Lives on Through All The Many People
 that had the honor to know him!
I love you my Son!
God Blessed Me So giving you as MY SON!
"When someone you love becomes a memory,
that memory becomes a treasure!"


2 Thessalonians 2:16-17 

May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.