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Dustin My Heart! My Strength!

Hold On To Your Dreams

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God is In Control
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Just a Breath Away
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Hold On To Your Dreams

This page was inspired in more ways than one by Dustin. He always had a dream. He was the first one to say If your going to dream , dream big and you have to make it happen it doesn't just happen. In the last email I got from Dustin which was on his birthday he  had new dreams of what this year would be. I know we all have some dream in our heart.  You have to believe in yourself and you do have to make the dreams happen and never give up on something that you truly feel in your heart.


Believe In Your Heart


Believe in your heart that

something wonderful is about to happen.

Love your life.


Believe in your own powers and your own

potential, and in your own innate goodness.


Wake every morning with the awe

of just being alive.

Discover each day the magnificent,

awesome beauty in the world.


Explore and embrace life in yourself

and in everyone you see each day.


Reach within to find your own special ness.


Amaze yourself and rouse those around you

to the potential of each new day.


Don't be afraid to admit that

you are less than perfect;

this is the essence of your humanity.


Let those who love you help you.


Trust enough to be able to take.


Look with hope to the horizon of today,

for today is all we truly have.


Live this day well.

Let a little sun out as well as in.

Create your own rainbows.


Be open to all your possibilities;

all possibilities and Miracles.

Always believe in Miracles.

© Ruth Carter-Bourdon






One song can spark a moment,

One flower can wake the dream

One tree can start a forest,

One bird can herald spring.

One smile begins a friendship,

One handclasp lifts a soul.


One star can guide a ship at sea,

One word can frame the goal.

One vote can change a nation,

One sunbeam lights a room.


One candle wipes out darkness,

One laugh will conquer gloom.

One step must start each journey,

One word must start each prayer.


One hope will raise our spirits,

One touch can show you care.

One voice can speak with wisdom,

One heart can know what's true.


One life can make the difference,

You see it's up to "You"


Author Unknown



To Touch The Heart

To touch the heart of someone dear

though it might sometimes cause a tear

to fall or rest upon the cheek,

Should be something all should seek.


For often hearts, not touched at all

start hardening and shrinking small.

And then the time it takes to grow

A loving heart is very slow.


For hearts expand as those who care

extend their love and let us share

a moment, space or special phrase

that eases pain on dreary days.

Or simply starts our lips to smile

and brightens time for just a while.


The ways and kinds and means of sharing

it seems to me, Are based on caring.

And though we're often worlds apart.

You still can touch my very heart.

You make me smile or shed a tear.


And I'll remember year to year,

Just how your touching helped me grow.

I just thought I'd tell you so.


Author Unknown



Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.

Life is beauty, admire it.

Life is bliss, taste it.

Life is a dream, realize it.

Life is a challenge, meet it.

Life is a duty, complete it.

Life is a game, play it.

Life is a promise, fulfill it.

Life is sorrow, overcome it.

Life is a song, sing it.

Life is a struggle, accept it.

Life is a tragedy, confront it.

Life is an adventure, dare it.

Life is luck, make it.

Life is too precious, do not destroy it.

Life is life, fight for it.

Author Mother Teresa




A World of Dreams


Lean against a tree

and dream your world of dreams.

Work hard at what you like to do

and try to overcome all obstacles.


Laugh at your mistakes

and praise yourself for learning from them.

Pick some flowers

and appreciate the beauty of nature.


Say hello to strangers

and enjoy the people you know.

Don't be afraid to show your emotions.

Laughing and crying makes you feel better.


Love your friends and family

with your entire being,

They are the most important part of your life.


Feel the calmness

on a quiet sunny day.

Find a rainbow and live your world of dreams.

Always remember life is better than it seems.

Author Unknown


If You Have A Dream


Don't wait for some distant day to come,

it may be too late before you've even begun.

Not everyone will agree with all you decide.


Be true to yourself first and foremost.

The only important thing in life is what

you do with the time you spend here on earth.


Don't cloud today with things that can't

be undone. You have no more control over

yesterday or tomorrow, than you do the raging

of your passions.


Do not quiet these dreams

nor quench your desires. For if you do,

your journey is ended.


You have only today to begin anew and

follow your dreams. For in the end all

we have are our memories.


When the twilight comes to us, let there

be, no excuses, no explanations,

no regrets!


Author Unknown



New Beginnings


It's only the beginning now

...a pathway yet unknown

At times the sound of other steps

...sometimes we walk alone


The best beginnings of our lives

May sometimes end in sorrow

But even on our darkest days

The sun will shine tomorrow.


So we must do our very best

Whatever life may bring

And look beyond the winter chill

To smell the breath of spring.


Into each life will always come

A time to start anew

A new beginning for each heart

As fresh as morning dew.


Although the cares of life are great

And hands are bowed so low

The storms of life will leave behind

The wonder of a rainbow.


The years will never take away

Our chance to start anew

It's only the beginning now

So dreams can still come true.


Gertrude B. McClain



Dreams of Peace


So many souls with different faces

In one world, but from many places


We are all the same; can't you see?

Regardless of heritage; you and me


Look for the person inside, not out

THAT is what this life is all about


A choice between good or bad to make

Each person decides which road to take


Those decisions create our society today

On a self destructing path; sorry to say


Too much evil lurks in this life

Creating heartache and widespread strife


Prejudice and greed out of control

The results of such, take their toll


The wars and crime a direct result

Our land destroyed only to be rebuilt


We all need to change for the world to endure

Love one another; that is the cure


Reach out a helping hand to others

Strangers, friends, acquaintances, brothers


Put aside those petty differences and hate

Find a common ground in which to relate


I dream of a world where peace is the norm

People working together to weather the storm


Here is to the hope that one day it comes true

A land of harmony for me and for you


Written by Lisa Jo Ewert

Copyright© 1998


Live Life Fully


While the day sits twinkling in the unfolded

light of dawn and you prepare to emerge from

your cocoon of cozy slumber,

baptize the hours ahead with

fresh confidence.


Trust that you will be taken care of

and proceed positively.

Step forward with purpose and

let each footfall be an expression of

your unique and wondrous self.


Leave your mark of quality on

the requisite demands of the day, and

tarry at the tasks that bring you joy.

Yield to the unexpected, and

handle the unforeseen

with clarity of heart and mind.


Free yourself from the weight of

pettiness and refuse to undermine

another's worth.

Weave the silken threads of your kindness

through every encounter with friends

and strangers.


Seek beauty in attitude and outlook.

Create beauty in your own.

Love without condition, no strings

attached. Set your spirit free to soar.


©1999 Terri McPherson

Windsor, Ontario, Canada


The Greatest Treasure


I shall do so much in the years to come,

But what have I done today?

I shall give out gold in princely sum


But what did I give today?

I shall lift the heart and dry the tear

I shall plant a hope in the place of fear

I shall speak with words of love and cheer

But what have I done today?


I shall be so kind in the after while

But what have I been today?


I shall bring to each lonely life a smile,

But what have I brought today?


I shall give to truth a grander birth,

And to steadfast faith a deeper worth,

I shall feed the hungering souls of earth,

But whom have I fed today?


Earth has its treasure of riches untold.

And who can measure the

wealth the oceans hold?


But whether the treasure is under

the sea or the sky up above.

The greatest treasure of all

is the strength of love!

Author Unknown





         Somebody Bigger Than You and I.

Who made the mountains, who made the trees?
Who made the rivers that flow to the seas?
Who hung the moon in the starry sky?
Somebody bigger than you and I.

Who made the flowers to bloom in the spring?
Who writes the song for the robin to sing?
Who sends the rain to the earth when it's dry?
Somebody bigger than you and I.

He lights the way when the road is long,
Keeps you company.
With love to guide you, He walks beside you,
Just like He walks wth me.

When I am weary, filled with despair,
Who gives me courage to go on from there?
And Who gives me faith that will never die?
Somebody bigger than you and I.


Words and Music by Johnny Lange, Hy Heath & Sonny Burke





Dustin Marshall Rawls
September 2, 1982 - September 27, 2007
Dustin Lives on Through All The Many People
 that had the honor to know him!
I love you my Son!
God Blessed Me So giving you as MY SON!
"When someone you love becomes a memory,
that memory becomes a treasure!"




The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him. Psalms 28:7


I want to thank Carolyn Oakley for giving me the permission to use some of the beautiful poems and graphics..Please take a look at her site and you will find many more beautiful poems.