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Dustin My Heart! My Strength!

Poems The Beauty of a Flower

Poems The Beauty of a Flower
Poems Life Through the Storm
God is In Control
Poems Inner Strength
Poems You Will Never Be Forgotten
Poems Angels Amongst Us
Just a Breath Away
Poems Remember the Little Things
Hold On To Your Dreams


The things I once took for granted I now see in a different light. Like a flower. Have you ever stopped and thought how a flower is so like life. Starts from a small seed in the ground and grows and blossoms into different colors and shapes. No one flower is exactly alike.  Just as people. Dustin was one of a kind like each and everyone of you. I know when Tiffany was born I read and read on how to... well I thought I had it down and then Dustin was born and he was entirely a different baby. So even siblings are their own little person that blooms into a person unique in their own ways. Which is like a flower , As I  wrote on the home page this site will be of poems I have found that are about life's little things we take for granted every day until one day something happens in our life and we start to focus on each day and how important each one is. How each of us need to stop and appreciate what God has given us. Thank him each day for the person you are, pray if your life needs to be changed in some way, smell the flowers, hug a friend always tell those special to you that you love them every day.  Love and Hugs! Patti Rawls.


Simple to Be Happy In Heaven!


How simple to be happy here in heaven!

After all, one doesn't want for much.

Passion finds its willing partner, ever

Pleased to please with a deft and tender touch.

Yearning is like walking through a valley

Veiled in the loveliness of flowers.

All the beauty of the earth can only

Lead us to the edge of what is ours.

Etched into our love there is a message,

Not of now but of all time and place,

Telling of a truth beyond the passage

In which we move from mystery to grace.

Nor are there signs that such content can be

Except my love for you, and yours for me.


If Roses Grow in Heaven

If roses grow in heaven,  Lord please pick a bunch for them in my son's arms and tell him they are from me.
Tell him I love him and I miss him..and when he turns to a kiss upon his cheek and hold him for awhile.

Because remembering him is easy..I do it everyday but there's an ache in my heart that will never go away.—Unknown


No one sees the broken heart that lies beneath my smile
No one sees the lonliness that's with me all the while
Silent tears gently fall that others do not see
For my precious son who meant the world to me.—Unknown


One of the Best
He left us so quietly
His thoughts unknown
He left us memories
We are proud to own
So treasure him Lord
In your garden of rest
For on earth
he was one of the best!!


Life is a Miracle


Life is a miracle

don't let it slip away,

Open your heart to others

give of yourself each day.

See the beauty in everyone

regardless of where they've been,

Some have a difficult journey

and really need a friend.

Share your gifts and talents

listen with your heart.

Do the things you dream about

but don't have time to start.

Pick a bouquet of flowers

show someone that you care,

Be gracious and forgiving

life is never fair.

Hold on to your courage

you may need it down the road,

We all have a cross to bear

it could be a heavy load.

If you practice all these things

no matter where you roam,

You may find both sun and rain

but you'll never feel alone!


Author Unknown



A Poem by Eileen Finch Cain


F eel the goodness in all forms of life

L ove all things; let go of strife

O pen your petals; let love flow in

W iden the gap; let love grow within

E rase the scars of the past

R est in the assurance that only love lasts


O wn your self-worth in spite of what others may say

F ind again the peace in your day


L ive your potential; let the world know

I nto yourself let a new energy flow

F ind out you have so much to give

E mbrace love; laugh and life


Be joyous and free

Be all that you are and ever could be!



Blooming Flowers

There are memories left to savor

And stories still left to be told.


Let not the dull hour set strife in the heart

As you travel with head high to other fields.

Let not your path never meet again,

For a friend is like a rainbow

So shiney and new yet so old inside.


Follow the path set out for fate has

A funny way of letting you know when

it is time to turn back.


So with every step you take

Let you know there is stepping stones

To guide your way to happiness,

For friendship lives a tough life

And learning is never easy.


Let your memories guide you

Know that a friend is always there

Holding on when you need them

Standing back when you let go

Waiting for flowers to bloom.


Melissa MacDougall


Rose Of Life

by Ellie LeJeune

I am unfolding gently beneath

your loving touch


I let wholeness breath my

petals free


Sweet fragrant Spirit touching

senses into life


Giving beauty back to the universe


Each petal, sweet miracle of life


We are hues of color, yet one

in Spirits blossom


Legend of the Daffodil:

Each time a Guardian Angel

notices a good deed -

a prayer, kindness or sacrifice -

she plucks a gold star from the heavens

and sends it to earth,

where it blooms as a golden daffodil.

I Believe


I believe, for every drop of rain that falls,

A flower grows.

I believe that somewhere in the darkest night,

A candle glows.

I believe for everyone who goes astray,

Someone will come, to show the way,

I believe, I believe.

I believe, above the storm the smallest prayer,

Will still be heard.

I believe, that someone in the great somewhere,

Hears every word.

Everytime I hear a newborn baby cry,

Or touch a leaf, or see the sky,

Then I know why, I believe!

Words and music by Erwin Drake,

Irvin Graham, Jimmy Shirl, and Al Stillman



Dustin Marshall Rawls
September 2, 1982 - September 27, 2007
Dustin Lives on Through All The Many People
 that had the honor to know him!
I love you my Son!
God Blessed Me So giving you as MY SON!
"When someone you love becomes a memory,
that memory becomes a treasure!"




The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him. Psalms 28:7


I want to thank Carolyn Oakley for giving me the permission to use some of the beautiful poems and graphics..Please take a look at her site and you will find many more beautiful poems.